Country music singer Chely Wright thinks Don Lemon's coming out has saved lives.

Wright, who came out lesbian this month a year ago, and furniture mogul Michell Gold talked with Lemon in the Joy Behar Show's green room before he gave one of his first television interviews after telling the New York Times that he's gay.

Gold and his partner Bob Williams founded Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, a furnishings company with sales in excess of $90 million.

Wright and Gold agreed that people should come out at their own pace.

“Those of us who are safe and able to come out should,” she told Lemon. “Because when we think about young people who have roofs over their heads and food put in their mouths by their parents and feel a community – from their church, and their school, and their parents – and have everything on the line, it may not go so well for them.”

“I think you really have to understand what the environment is that you're in,” Gold said. “If you're 14 years old and you're in a Roman Catholic or Southern Baptist home, and your parents and your church are going to just emotionally beat the crap out of you – you really need to be careful about that.”

Before he left, Wright called Lemon's coming out “courageous.”

“It's really important,” she said, looking at the camera. “Because he today saved lives. He saved lives today.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)