Supporters of amending the North Carolina Constitution to ban gay marriage will hold a rally in Raleigh on Tuesday.

Attorney David Gibbs Jr., founder of Christian Law Association, will speak at the event to be held at the Halifax Mall starting at 10:30AM. The rally is being sponsored by the Christian conservative group Return America. The Family Research Council urged its members to attend the event in a recent blog post.

“In previous Return America marriage rallies thousands have come to Raleigh and expressed their support for Biblical marriage,” Return America wrote at its website. “This will be the most important rally yet since so much is at stake.”

“The future of our children and grand children may be determined by the outcome of this rally,” the group added.

Legislation that would put the question on the 2012 ballot was introduced in the Senate in February and in the House in April.

The Senate version explicitly bans other unions in addition to marriage, which might include civil unions and domestic partnerships, but the House version only covers marriage. Gay rights activists worry that the Senate version could outlaw domestic partner benefits currently offered by private sector employers.

Republicans won control of both chambers of the Legislature on November 2. Previous attempts to amend the constitution were blocked by Democratic leaders.