Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell and Ed Helms joined Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm in the first-ever live action version of Saturday Night Live's Ambiguously Gay Duo.

When a “flesh ray” goes out of control, the superheroes are transformed from cartoons to live action versions of themselves, who are played by Mad Men star Jon Hamm and late night talk host and former SNL regular Jimmy Fallon.

The roles of villains are played by SNL host Helms, who played a Two Face-like villain, Comedy Central's Colbert, who played Dr. Brainio, and Office alum Carell, who played Bighead.

The villains break into Ace and Gary's communication network searching for evidence that they are gay in Saturday's episode, titled The Dark, Clenched Hole of Evil.

“Ace, Gary we have reason to believe Bighead and his cronies are hacking into your system,” the commissioner tells the superheroes in a telephone call.

“Why commissioner, that's a penetration of our privacy,” Ace responds.

“Those filthy villains, they're trying to probe our most sensitive areas,” Ace adds. “I can feel it.”

When the superheroes crash the villain’s lair – “Now who's being penetrated without expecting it?” – Two Face fires his “flesh ray,” which goes berserk, transforming everyone into human flesh.

“You scoundrels,” Ace, played by Hamm, howls. “Transforming my partner into warm, juicy flesh.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)