ABC announced Friday that it was keeping Happy Endings and its average Joe gay character played by Adam Pally.

According to Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood, the midseason comedy will return for a second season.

“This is not a surprise as the ensemble relationship comedy has had big support internally at the network,” the website reported.

However, at least one site, TV By The Numbers, questioned the show's chances of renewal, putting it in the “toss up” range for being picked up by the network for a second season.

On the show, Pally plays Max, a non-stereotypical gay guy who is just one of the guys.

In the recent episode titled You've Got Male, Max organizes a protest against a big coffee chain's entry into the neighborhood – he objects to the neighborhood's gentrification, which can only lead to families – only to pull back after he realizes that he's dating the store's owner, Ian, played by Max Greenfield.

And while a kiss between Max and Ian was never broadcast, the show delivered on a possible romantic interest for its cuddlesome gay guy.