Social conservative Chuck Colson argues that gay marriage will destroy America's democracy.

Colson, a prominent evangelical who founded Prison Fellowship and co-authored last year's anti-gay document the Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience (which was this year rejected by Apple), fears gay marriage is not only the “greatest threat to religious liberty” but also threatens to destroy “the democratic process and the rule of law.”

As evidence Colson points to the Obama administration's decision to no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which federally bans gay marriage, the decision by law firm King & Spalding to withdraw from defending the law in court, and a recent Navy decision to allow chaplains to officiate at the marriage and civil union ceremonies of gay and lesbian couples on base, which was later placed on hold.

“So-called gay 'marriage' was rejected in all 31 states where the people got to vote! So the gay-rights groups, so far, are carrying the day by doing an end-run around the people, taking their case to the courts, coercing corporations, and now law firms, and finding a willing accomplice to their un-democratic schemes in the White House.”

“I can't say this forcefully or clearly enough: Wake up, America! When the executive branch of government rules by fiat and chooses not to enforce the law of the land, the democratic process and the consent of the governed are no longer possible,” Colson added.