Tyler Robinson, the 20-year-old openly gay contestant on NBC's reality contest The Voice, says being openly gay helps his chances of winning the reality show.

Robinson is among the four gay contestants vying to win NBC's challenger to Fox's 10-year-old hit American Idol. Also gay are Vicci Martinez, Nakia and Beverly McClellan.

On the show's premiere, Robinson came out to his father.

“Growing up Mormon was difficult for someone like me,” he said. “I'm gay. Doesn't define me, but that's what I am.”

“My dad and I don't have the best relationship. He hasn't been supportive of my music,” he added. “Also my father does not know that I'm gay. I haven't actually told him yet. I guess he knows now.”

Robinson was picked by judge Blake Shelton to be mentored on the program. Shelton drew the ire of gay media watchdog GLAAD after he tweeted an anti-gay message assumed to be directed at the two male gay contestants. He's since apologized for his remark.

In an interview with gay male entertainment website AfterElton.com, Robinson said being honest about his sexuality enhances his performance.

“If I was on the show pretending to be straight, then you would see it and everyone would know and there would be no way that I would ever be able to succeed in this career without being who I am,” he said.

Robinson added that he came out gay because he was “so done lying to people.”