Trevor Donovan took Freddie Smith to the prom and was crowned king on the CW's nighttime teenage drama 90210.

On Monday's episode, Naomi, played by Anna-Lynne McCord, was crowned queen and Teddy, Donovan's gay character, king of West Beverly Hills High.

In his acceptance speech, Teddy said, “Thanks.”

Later he approached Marco, played by Smith, and asked, “Will you dance with me?”

“Who am I to refuse the king,” Marco replied.

The crowning of an openly gay male student on a network televison show geared toward teens is groundbreaking, but Teddy will soon be joined by a second gay prom king. According to multiple reports, Chris Colfer's gay character of Kurt Hummel will be crowned queen and Max Adlers' closeted character Dave Karofsky king of McKinley High on the Fox musical-comedy Glee.

Season three of 90210 began with Teddy conflicted over his sexual orientation. In an early scene, Teddy throws-up after a date with former boyfriend Ian, played by Canadian pop singer Kyle Riabko. As the story developed, Teddy became more comfortable with being gay and has since come out to his classmates.