Ex-gay group Exodus International has condemned Google Chrome's 'It Gets Better' video ad which features singers Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert and gay rights activist Dan Savage.

The ad debuted during Tuesday's episode of the Fox musical-comedy Glee, which features a strong anti-gay bullying storyline. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

Savage's It Gets Better campaign encourages LGBT teens to not cave in to bullies, because life gets better.

Exodus International President Alan Chambers disputed the campaign's message, saying it didn't get better for ex-gays until they altered their sexuality.

Chambers said the ad was “disappointing.”

“For organizations like Exodus International, which has thousands of men and women like me who have lived a gay life, it obviously didn't get better living a gay life for them,” Chambers told the Christian Post. “I would say that today it has become radically better.”

“I think that we have to promote the stories of people who have found an alternative to homosexuality but I think that at the same time the church has to do a better job at addressing issues related to bullying and violence and how kids have been treated at public schools,” he added.