It'll be a better Queerty than before, promises Chris Bull, co-founder of GayCities, in his inaugural post after acquiring Queerty and turning back on the lights.

The popular six-year-old blog that opined on all things gay dimmed the lights and ended its otherwise frequent snarky posts on politics, culture, celebrity, sex and media on April 18.

The electricity returned on Wednesday.

“Ah, how we love the Queerty communty,” Bull wrote. “So when Queerty owner David Hauslaib offered GayCities the opportunity to acquire the blog he founded six years ago, we were hooked.”

“Bringing GayCities and Queerty together is for me, as co-founder of this company, a kind of content dream come to life, a rare chance to be both politically provocative and entertaining in a way that few media companies have achieved this side of Comedy Central and Gawker.”

While applauding Queerty, Bull also acknowledged that the site had its detractors.

“In recent months, the Queerty patented wit devolved into predictable snark, eviscerating everyone and everything in its path. Some of the [negative] comments simply piled on. We will maintain the independent voice at all cost, going with a vengeance after the powerful, the hypocritical and the just plain foolish. But now we'll also strive for a better sense of journalistic balance and fairness.”

Welcome back Queerty, and good luck.