Google debuted a video ad for the It Gets Better Project during Tuesday's episode of the Fox musical-comedy Glee.

The video ad touts the search giant's browser Chrome, which is used as a vehicle to highlight videos uploaded to gay activist Dan Savage's It Gets Better website. The campaign encourages LGBT teens to not cave in to bullies, because life eventually gets better.

In the ad, Chrome buzzes around the site picking and choosing videos to play.

“High school was bad,” Savage says in one video. “I was obviously gay, and some kids didn't like that. And I did get harassed.”

“What I'd love you to take away from it is that however bad it is now, it gets better. And it can get great.”

“And it's important for adults to reach out to kids, and share our stories so that they can picture futures for themselves that are worth sticking around for,” he adds.

“There are a ton us out here in this world,” rocker Adam Lambert says.

“It gets better,” Born This Way singer Lady Gaga says.

“Your life can be amazing,” Savage ads. “But you have to tough this period of it out. And you have to live.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)