Federal authorities have arrested a pastor in connection with aiding ex-gay mom Lisa Miller.

Timothy David Miller of Crossville, Tennessee was arrested last week in Virginia and is scheduled to appear in Federal District Court in Burlington on Monday, the New York Times reported.

Mr. Miller is accused of aiding Ms. Miller (not relation) flee the country in 2009 with her daughter Isabella after a Vermont court ordered Ms. Miller to give up custody of her daughter to her former lesbian partner, Janet Jenkins.

The women entered a Vermont civil union in 2000 and planned to raise a child together. But a year after Ms. Miller gave birth to their daughter she fled from the relationship and renounced being gay.

In dissolving the couple's civil union, a Family Court judge originally awarded Ms. Miller, who is the biological mother of the child through artificial insemination, custody of the child but granted liberal visitation rights to Ms. Jenkins. The court reversed the ruling after it found out Ms. Miller was denying her former partner access to their daughter.

After leaving her partner, Ms. Miller resettled in Virginia and became deeply involved with a Baptist church. Ms. Miller has said she objects to Ms. Jenkins having any contact with Isabella, now 9, because she is a lesbian.

“[Isabella] knows that Ms. Jenkins' choice to continue to live a homosexual lifestyle is a sin,” Ms. Miller said in court documents.

According to an FBI affidavit, Mr. Miller helped arrange in September 2009 for Ms. Miller and Isabella to flee the country, traveling from Canada to Nicaragua, where he worked as a missionary for Christian Aid Ministries. While in Nicaragua, Ms. Miller and her daughter stayed in a house that is owned by Philip Zodhiates, who has close ties to the evangelical school Liberty University, and whose daughter, Victoria Hyden, works at the university's law school.

Mathew D. Staver, the dean of the law school at Liberty, represented Ms. Miller in court.

“I know very little at this point, but I really hope that this means that Isabella is safe and well,” Ms. Jenkins said in a statement. “I am looking forward to having my daughter home safe with me very soon.”