A renewed push supported by Governor Andrew Cuomo to legalize gay marriage in New York has “deeply offended” state Senator Ruben Diaz Sr.

Supporters announced on Wednesday that they'll attempt to overcome a 2009 loss in the Senate by banding together four prominent gay rights groups – Human Rights Campaign (HRC), Empire State Pride Agenda, Freedom to Marry and Marriage Equality New York (MENY) – under a single umbrella organization called New Yorkers United for Marriage.

The new effort will be coordinated from the governor's office.

“I am deeply offended that during this Holy Week, which is a most sacred time to millions of New Yorkers, Governor Andrew Cuomo is working hard to mobilize elected officials to legalize homosexual marriage in New York,” said Diaz, considered the Senate's most vociferous opponent of the institution.

“Now Governor Cuomo is targeting communities of faith in an effort to redefine marriage,” Diaz added in a statement.

Diaz also questioned Cuomo's use of public resources to support the campaign.

“I must ask, if Governor Cuomo is ethically allowed to use public resources during these serious financial times to raise funds (by having his staff raise money) and to use his staff (who are paid for with tax dollars) and his office (for weekly meetings) to promote a radical agenda, then shouldn't we all be able to use our offices and staffs to raise resources for issues that matter to us?”

“I implore my colleagues in New York's government and my fellow religious leaders in New York State to oppose Governor Cuomo's blatant and shameful attack on New York's people of faith.”