Darren Criss says his romance with Chris Colfer on the Fox musical-comedy Glee has staying power.

Out-and-proud student Blaine Anderson, played by Criss, and former McKinley High student Kurt Hummel, played by Colfer, became an item on the latest episode of Glee titled Original Song.

The pair, who now wear identical navy blue with red trim Dalton Academy uniforms and sing in the school's glee club, the Warblers, kissed after Blaine had an epiphany right before regionals and confessed his feelings to Kurt, ending months of speculation about whether the pair was destined for romance.

But love is fleeting for high schoolers in Lima, Ohio, so it's good to hear Criss say he believes the couple has staying power.

“They're in the honeymoon stage, and they've just recently gotten together, so that's really new and exciting like any new relationship is,” Criss told celebrity entertainment website E! Online. “I think [Blaine] has something really special with Kurt. It's not just a flash in the pan kind of crush.”

Glee returns after a five-week hiatus on Tuesday.