Comedy Central's The Daily Show starring Jon Stewart has waded into the controversy over J. Crew's pink toenail layout, which they named Toemageddon 2011: This Little Piggy Went To Hell.

The layout Saturday with Jenna, which is featured on the clothing giant's website, includes photos of Jenna Lyons, creative director for J. Crew, hanging out with her son Beckett. In one photo, Beckett is seen with his feet in his mother's lap, his toenails painted hot pink. Under the headline “Quality Time,” Lyons is quoted: “Lucky for me, I ended up with a boy whose favorite color is pink. Toenail painting is way more fun in neon.”

Social conservatives blasted the ad, calling it “blatant propaganda celebrating transgender children.”

“Really, what I thought was just a pleasant, sweet little mother-son bondvertising, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and Fox recognized as,” Stewart says before flashing the Toemageddon 2011: This Little Piggy Went To Hell graphic.

After showing a clip of Dan Gainor, vice president of Media Research Center saying, “It's not about painting somebody's toenails, it's about painting a five-year-old boy's toenails hot pink, or what's the word they use? Neon,” a dazed Stewart says, “Well, thanks for saying the word neon the way you would say the word dildo.”

“If you take them [children] to a face painting booth, it doesn't make them cats, or cat lovers, or Rum Tum Tugger – not that there's anything wrong with that,” Steward comments after showing several clips of riled up social conservatives likening nail polish to “gender bending.”

And when in a Fox News clip Keith Ablow is seen saying the ad is “an attack on masculinity,” Stewart counters with, “If only masculinity had a defender. Someone like four time Ultimate Fighting Champion Chuck Liddell,” who paints his toenails black.

Earlier in the week, rocker Adam Lambert spoke out on the controversy.