John Amaechi isn't happy with Kobe Bryant's halfhearted apology for slurring referee Bennie Adams with an anti-gay slur.

The Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard yelled “fucking faggot” at Adams after the referee called a technical foul against Bryant during Tuesday night's game against the San Antonio Spurs.

NBA Commissioner David Stern fined the five-time NBA champion $100,000 for the insult.

Bryant apologized on Wednesday and again on Friday, but added that he would appeal the fine.

“What I said last night should not be take literally,” Bryant said in a statement on Wednesday. “My actions were out of frustration during the heat of the game, period.”

Amaechi, who came out gay in 2007 after retiring from the NBA, said he did not believe Bryant is any more homophobic than the average person, but added that his apology wasn't heartfelt, either.

“I don't think Kobe Bryant is some vicious homophobe, but I do think he made a mistake and has sounded more like a squirming politician than a national hero since the incident came to light,” Amaechi wrote in an op-ed published in the New York Times.

“When you know that people hang on your every word, you should take more responsibility when the wrong words spill out in anger. When you understand that people treat you like a god, you should endeavor to be more benevolent when you exceed expectations and more contrite when you let people down.”

“Kobe, stop fighting the fine,” he added. “Use that money and your influence to set a new tone that tells sports fans, boys, men and the society that looks up to you that the word you said in anger is not OK, not ever.”

On Friday, the NBA announced it would partner with gay media watchdog group GLAAD.