Naya Rivera's character on the Fox musical-comedy Glee is definitely a lesbian.

Glee producer Brad Falchuk tells E! Online in response to a reader's question: “She's definitely a lesbian.”

In the recent episode titled Sexy, Santana confessed to Brittany, played by Heather Morris, that she loves her. Brittany declared her love in return but added that she was taken.

Falchuk added that Santana won't be over Brittany any time soon.

“[I]nstead of dealing with it, she kinds of runs from it. And she'll be running into the arms of … a dude.”

In an earlier interview, Falchuk said that Santana was out “internally” and left open the possibility that Santana and Brittany could become an item.

“Whether she's dating somebody or not, we don't know,” he said. “But we think we've made a big step in giving the world that character. Whether she and Brittany will work out we don't know.”

Rivera's character joins the show's leading gay men, Kurt, played by Chris Colfer, and Blaine, played by Darren Criss, whose recent romance sparked controversial comments by former Saturday Night Live alum Victoria Jackson. A third male character, bully Dave Karofsky, played by Max Adler, remains closeted.