Andy Cohen, the host of cabler Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, says the “lisping, flamboyant queen” gay stereotype drives him nuts.

In an interview with alternative weekly New Times Miami, the 42-year-old, openly gay Cohen shuned the stereotype as outmoded.

“I think the lisping, flamboyant queen thing is over played and it's just lame at this point,” he told the paper. “I think now there's so many gay people who are parents, spouses, and who have real committed long-term relationships that the idea that everyone's in a boa dancing on a bar is, you know, very 1988.”

Cohen added that “I would embrace [the gay stereotype] that we're fun and I think we find the humor in things.”

With regard to politics, Cohen said gay marriage is about incremental steps.

“I think Obama made a big statement with DOMA [the Defense of Marriage Act]. I think that this gay marriage issue is about baby steps and I think the country's coming around and it was courageous of Obama to come out and say we're not going to stand behind fighting this DOMA thing anymore. I was really happy about that. I think slowly this thing is going to happen and you need to slowly gather momentum and get the American public behind it.”