Sandy Digiovanni, who is competing in NBC's hit reality show America's Next Great Restaurant, says she's the “oldest dyke on a reality TV show.”

In an interview with lesbian entertainment website, the 54-year-old Kansas City native also talked about firing two lesbians, one on the show and another in real life.

Digiovanni decided to fire her real life girlfriend in 2000 after she played hooky from work at a bar owned by Digiovanni to go to a party.

She “just didn't show up to work and to me that's a no call, no show and we lived together. So I get home from the bar and she gets home from the party and I asked her, 'Where were you tonight?' and she said, 'I told you I wanted to go to that party.' And I said, 'Well, I can't have you here anymore. You're fired.'”

In this week's Sunday night episode, Digiovanni said she is forced to fire her chef, Rachel, who is also a lesbian.

“I know this week will be packed full of drama when I fire my chef,” she said. “You know my chef was lesbian, too.”