Vicki Barnes, the executive director of Tennessee's Sweetwater Housing Authority, has been disciplined for likening gay folks to murderers and drug dealers, the AP reported.

In a January letter in response to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's request for feedback on a proposal to expand the agency's anti-discrimination policies to include sexual orientation and gender identity, Barnes said the changes would lead to “chaos.”

“This is not a matter of discrimination,” she wrote. “In choosing to name a group of people such as the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT), you are choosing to group together a group of people who are not of the same race but have made a personal and moral life style choice. Other groups who make a personal life style choice are drug users and sellers, gang members, prostitutes, cults and murderers.”

“A life style where children will be emotionally and possibly physically abused and neglected,” Barnes added.

“If we demand they [landlords] house groups of people as per your definition of family, many will choose to no longer be a part of our program. They will choose not to be bullied into housing people who have chosen a life style, which goes against their moral convictions, or groups of people who will damage their property. Without sufficient landlords, we have no program.”

Board chairman Wayne Key said in a statement released Tuesday that Barnes had been disciplined but did not offer any details.

“Mrs. Barnes' focus was on management concerns – not an outright attack on individuals or groups,” Key said.