California's largest gay rights advocate said Monday it will consider whether to back a 2012 effort to repeal the state's gay marriage ban, Proposition 8.

The 2008 voter-approved constitutional amendment was declared unconstitutional by a federal judge last year but supporters of the law appealed the decision. Both sides believe the case will ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court – a process that could take years.

Jim Carroll, the interim executive director Equality California (EQCA), said in a statement that the group would engage the community on the issue.

“So what do we, as a community, do? Do we wait until the courts rule? Do we move forward and try to win marriage back at the ballot box? And if so, what level of public support do we need before we return to the ballot?” he wrote.

The group said it would “conduct a poll of likely 2012 voters, speak to political experts, consult with our coalition partners and engage with our members and the LGBT community” before making a recommendation.

A 2010 petition effort failed without the support of major gay rights groups in the state, including Equality California.