The Texas House of Representatives on Friday approved a measure to promote heterosexuality at its colleges and universities.

Republican Representative Wayne Christian's budget amendment was approved with a lopsided 110 to 24 vote, The Dallas Morning News reported.

The amendment would force state colleges and universities using state funds to promote diversity programs based on sexuality or gender to spend an equal amount of money to promote “family and traditional values.”

The amendment targets centers “for students focused on gay, lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, gender questioning or other gender identity issues.”

The 150-member House is composed of 101 Republicans and 49 Democrats, which means at least 9 Democrats crossed the aisle to join Republicans in approving the amendment.

Lawmakers also decided against additional funds for the Texas HIV Medical Program, which provides antiretroviral drugs to 14,000 low-income people living with HIV/AIDS, leaving the program severely underfunded.

The two-year $164.5 billion budget also slashes funding for public schools, nursing homes and college financial aid.

On Sunday, the House approved its budget with a 98 to 49 vote. The Senate has yet to vote on its proposed budget.