Chris Colfer has advised gay people considering coming out to be honest with themselves.

Colfer, who plays gay McKinley High School student Kurt Hummel on the Fox musical-comedy Glee, recently answered fans' questions on the Glee fan site

When asked if he worried that being openly gay would limit his roles as an actor, Colfer said no.

“When you're a gay actor it's the first fear they tell you you're supposed to have, but I don't have it because I know my own capabilities as an actor,” Colfer said. “I always laugh when I read things that say 'he's good on Glee but he'll never be the lead in a romantic comedy.' Is that supposed to be the goal?”

“I think the first mistake is waiting around for roles to be given to you. Actors of any orientation should get out there and create opportunities for themselves. I've never been good at sitting still.”

A fan from the Czech Republic asked: “You're such an inspiration. I would like to ask what advice would you give to people who want to come out but they're scared?”

“Everyone's situation is different,” Colfer answered, “but I think it's important to tell at least someone who cares about you so you don't feel alone or scared.”

“Being honest with yourself is the biggest step,” he added.