New York City police have arrested a man who has confessed to beating Damian Furtch, and he's denied he was motivated by hate.

Twenty-one-year-old Anthony Bray, a homeless man, gave himself up to police after a witness fingered him.

Furtch, 26, an aspiring actor and model, had just ended his shift at the nearby Pink Tea Cup Restaurant, when he was attack around 4:30AM last Sunday outside a McDonald's in the West Village. He told police that the two men yelled anti-gay slurs as they punched him. The attack left Furtch with two black eyes and a gash on his face that required four stitches at Roosevelt Hospital to patch up.

Bray, however, told police that the attack wasn't motivated by hate because he's gay too. He said he attacked Furtch “because he was disrespectful to him,” the New York Daily News reported.

The men followed Furtch outside the McDonald's after they teased him about his bright-colored clothing inside the restaurant. Police are still looking for the second assailant.