Geoff Kors, the founding executive director of Equality California (EQCA), has signed off on his last email.

In the email released Thursday, Kors said he was honored to helm the organization for nine years.

“Allowing me to share the victories and setbacks, breaking news, calls to action, legislative and legal updates and the joys and heartbreaks of our collective fight for full equality has been a true honor and privilege,” Kors wrote.

EQCA led the fight against Proposition 8, California's gay marriage ban. The group was severely criticized for the loss.

In building the state's largest gay rights group, Kors gained the reputation of being a hard worker who was hard to work with.

“Equality California never really convinced legislators on their own [to pass a bill], but inevitably something would pass – and they'd send out a press release taking all the credit,” former California state Senator Sheila Kuehl told alternative paper LA Weekly. “I never thought they were team players.”

In signing off, Kors said he continued to believe in the group's mission.

“Together, we are creating the kind of nation where all young people can grow up feeling loved and cherished for who they are. We are creating the kind of nation where people can reach their full potential. We are creating the kind of nation where two people in love can get married, raise their family and share in the joys of life, without having to deal with the pain and hardship of government-sanctioned discrimination.” (Kors' farewell video message is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

Kors has not said what he'll do for his second act.