Several videos surfaced Thursday featuring Fr. John Hollowell preaching to schoolchildren against being gay.

In the six videos, the chaplain of Indianapolis' Cardinal Ritter High School is seen instructing teenage students that God isn't cool with sexually active gay people.

“Homosexuality,” Hollowell says, “if it's okay in God's eyes, then the Bible is completely useless. Old and New Testament in multiple places say homosexual acts are an 'abomination,' a grave offense against God. The Catholic Church upholds that teaching as well. So you have two options: God is cool with homosexuality, homosexual acts, I should say … or what the Bible and the Church say about it is correct? Okay? There's no middle ground on that issue.”

In another video, Hollowell suggests that a household headed by a gay couple is an “unhealthy atmosphere” for children.

“You don't need to use the language of sin in order to say 'look, the state should not be putting adopted children with couples who are acting on their homosexual attractions.' You don't need sin for that because our society already does that. Our society already does not put people into situations where there is sex going on that society deems to be not good. … If porn was being filmed in a home, we would pull the child out of that environment. If sex was occurring in the home which was bondage or S&M type sexuality, the CPS would pull the child out of that environment.”

In blogging about the videos, the website Equality Matters labeled the speeches an example of “anti-gay indoctrination,” adding that such messages contribute to the high rates of suicide among LGBT teens.