Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann has thanked Iowa voters for ousting three judges who favored gay marriage, POLITICO.com reported.

Bachmann, who is considering a 2012 run at the White House, told a crowd of home-schooling advocates in Des Moines that she supported the decision.

Social conservatives who objected to the Iowa Supreme Court's 2009 unanimous ruling that brought gay marriage to the Midwest mounted an aggressive campaign to have three of the justices up for a retention vote removed.

“If you have judges who thwart the will of the people, you send them packing,” Bachmann told about 1,000 people, repeatedly referring to judges as “black-robed masters.”

“Thank you, Iowa, for what you have done to uphold the Constitution,” she added.

Opponents of gay marriage continue to pursue the remaining four judges. Former GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats, who spearheaded the drive to remove the judges, has called on the remaining justices to step down. Legislation that would forcefully remove them has also been introduced.

Texas Congressman Ron Paul and former Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman Cain, who are also considering presidential bids, also addressed the crowd.