Reality star Josh Flagg announced he's gay on Tuesday's episode of cabler Bravo's Million Dollar Listing.

In the episode, the Los Angeles-based real estate agent discusses whether he should talk about his sexuality in his upcoming memoir.

“Colton [Thorn] is my boyfriend of three years,” Flagg tells the audience. “I can't really imagine my life without Colton.”

Viewers also saw Flagg ask Thorn if he would feel comfortable with him including their relationship in the book.

“I feel like it's your career,” Thorn answers. “Whatever is best for you in that regard, I think that is what should be done.”

“I'm just making sure I'm not doing something that I'm really going to regret later,” Flagg says.

“Why would you regret it?” Thorn rhetorically asks. “I mean seriously what is the worst that could happen?”

Flagg answers that he doesn't want his sexuality to define who he is.

In an interview with gay weekly the San Diego Gay and Lesbian News, Flagg repeated the line: “You know my sexuality does not define me, it is not who I am, but rather it is a part of me, and I did not ever want people to think of me as 'the gay real estate guy,' I did not want that to be the only demographic that was watching me on TV or the only demographic to associate with me.”