According to the chairman of the Bexar County, Texas Democratic Party gay activists are to blame for his party's recent poor showings, gay weekly the Dallas Voice reported.

Chairman Dan Ramos suggested as much last week in an interview with the San Antonio Current, in which he blasted Stonewall Democrats, the nation's leading group of gay Democrats.

“They are all connected to the gay Democratic Party, the so-called Stonewall Democrats,” Ramos told the paper. “Just like termites they managed to get some of their people in key positions.”

Ramos, who said he opposes being gay on religious grounds, added: “I liken them to the Tea Party – the Tea Party and the fucking Nazi Party – because they're 90 percent white, blue-eyed, and Anglo, and I don't give a fuck who knows that. Just like the blacks … they're American, but you can't get your way just because you're black.”

His comments caught the attention of Boyd Richie, chairman of the Texas Democratic Party, who called on Ramos to resign.

“What is necessary is for Dan Ramos to immediately resign and allow the Bexar County Democratic Party to move forward with new, more unifying leadership,” Richie said in a statement.

In an interview Thursday with local news station KSAT 12, Ramos refused to resign, saying he was “dealing with the truth, sometimes the truth hurts.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)