Dan Savage, the man behind the It Gets Better Project, wants social conservatives Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck to reach out to troubled gay teens.

It Gets Better is a collection of inspiring videos that reach out to troubled gay teens considering suicide.

In the videos, everyday folks, celebrities and politicians let teens who are struggling with their sexuality or are being bullied because they are perceived as being different know that life gets better.

Savage, a prominent gay rights activist and sex advice columnist, began the campaign last summer.

In a 10 Questions segment with Time.com, Savaged was asked who he would like to see make a video.

“Rick Santorum. Tim Pawlenty. Sarah Palin. Glenn Beck,” he answered. “The Prime Minister of Britain, who leads the Conservative Party there, made a video, and we haven't see one from anyone on the right in the U.S. to even say, 'You're 14 and gay. Don't kill yourself.'”

Savage added that the It Gets Better library now includes over 10,000 videos.