Singer Sir Elton John and athletes Gareth Thomas and Steven Davies have cheered the anti-homophobia campaign of UK rugby team the Sheffield Eagles.

During Sunday's match against the Widnes Vikings, the Eagles wore jerseys that said, “Homophobia – Tackle It!” The anti-homophobia campaign is a first for professional sport in Great Britain.

According to the website Love Rugby League, Sir Elton, who along with his partner, filmmaker David Furnish, recently became a father, applauded the move in a statement.

"I am delighted to hear about Sheffield Eagles' initiative" said Sir Elton. "I feel that an enormous step forward is being undertaken when Rugby League recognises the diversity of human sexuality. I applaud all those involved in this initiative. Best wishes and love."

The sport is becoming increasingly gay friendly.

For instance, Welsh rugby star Gareth Thomas received widespread support from teammates and coaches after he announced he's gay in 2009.

Another player, the UK's Ben Cohen, has organized a campaign to support LGBT charities and groups. The married father of two will visit four U.S. cities beginning in May to advocate for gay rights.

According to, Thomas, former basketball star John Amaechi and recently out cricket player Steven Davies also supported the Eagles' move.