Actress Zooey Deschanel says James Franco is 'a magnet' and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is 'super-cool' for playing gay.

The 31-year-old Deschanel talked to gay glossy The Advocate about playing bisexual in My Idiot Brother, which premiered in January at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

In the film, Deschanel plays Natalie, a girl who fools around on her girlfriend Cindy, played by Rashida Jones.

“Rashida's character is very sweet and loyal, but my character is unfaithful with other guys and girls. She takes out her angst in her sexual exploits and suffers because of it,” Deschanel said.

On her Your Highness co-star James Franco, Deschanel said that “everyone very much enjoys him.”

“Listen, he's super-handsome, super-creative, crazy-smart, and a really great actor, so he's kind of got a lot going for him. He basically has anyone with a pulse aware of his presence at all times. If you're alive, you know he's in the room. He's just a magnet.”

She added that Joseph Gordon-Levitt's willingness to play gay on film was “super-cool.”

“Well, sensitivity is so much hotter. It's like Joe Gordon-Levitt, who I've known forever. We did a movie called Manic together back in 2000, and I remember that after he got out of college, it seemed like every role he took was a gay role. I felt like he made a concerted effort to play gay characters, and I thought that was super-cool.”