The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has pledged $1 million to oppose any Republicans who vote in favor of a gay marriage bill in Maryland.

The nation's most vociferous opponent of the institution announced Wednesday the formation of a political action committee in Maryland.

The group said it would use the fund to defend anti-gay marriage Democrats and oppose pro-gay marriage Republicans.

“It's become quiet clear in recent days in Maryland that the Democratic leadership and the same-sex 'marriage' lobby will resort to any tactic, including threats and intimidation, to coerce Democratic legislators to support their agenda,” said NOM President Brian Brown in a statement. “We want to be sure those courageous Democrats who cast their votes of conscience in favor of marriage will have a strong supporter if the radical gay activists come after them in their next primary election.”

Maryland is poised to become the sixth state to legalize gay marriage after the Senate voted in favor of a gay marriage bill and the House gave its preliminary OK on Wednesday. A final vote is expected as early as Friday.

The group created a similar fund in 2009 to target the campaigns of New York lawmakers.

NOM added that it would target for defeat Senator Allan Kittleman in his expected race for Howard County Executive. Kittleman was the only Republican senator to vote for the legislation.

“We don’t question whether Senator Kittleman or any other Republican who might support gay marriage is voting so out of political calculation or are voting their true beliefs,” said Brown. “But we do question whether such a vote is consistent with the desires of their Republican constituents. NOM has defeated every pro-gay marriage Republican we’ve ever targeted, and we’re quite confident Senator Kittleman will be next.”