In a new 60-second ad, gay and straight couples say it's time for marriage equality in Rhode Island.

“It's the right time to pass marriage equality in Rhode Island,” Rock says as his partner David looks on. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

The Rhode Island Marriage Coalition began airing the ad on Tuesday, two days before the House Judiciary Committee is expected to vote on a gay marriage bill after hearing 8 hours' worth of testimony last month and a Senate panel is expected to begin debate on its version of the legislation.

“Today's roll out is the next step in a broader strategic plan aimed at raising awareness and building the wave of support necessary to achieve a legislative victory this year,” said Martha Holt, a board member of Marriage Equality Rhode Island. “The message of the commercial, It's Time, reflects a belief shared by a majority of Rhode Islanders – it's time we live up to our founding principles and make marriage equality the law for all Rhode Islanders.”