A transgender woman has been found murdered near Memphis, Tennessee.

According to Memphis CBS affiliate WREG, the body of Marcal Camero Tye (no female name given) was discovered Tuesday along a stretch of Highway 334 in Arkansas, about 40 miles outside Memphis.

“At this point, all we can say is that the body suffered extensive damage and was dragged about 200 feet before it came to rest,” Detective Lt. Travis Hill told reporters. “We're still investigating the incident at this time, and we can't say much more.”

Violence against at least four transgender women in the Memphis area have made headlines following the shooting death of Tiffany Berry in 2006.

Leeneshia Edwards, a transgender prostitute, was shot in the jaw, side and back at close range as she was turning to get out of a car in south Memphis in late 2009.

Duanna Johnson, 43, another transgender prostitute, made headlines nationwide when she took a beat down at the hands of Memphis cops in the station's booking area after she ignored their “he-she” taunts. Video of the incident was widely circulated on the Internet in early 2008 and two officers lost their jobs over the incident. Ten months later, Johnson was dead, a victim of a gunshot wound to the head.