A grandmother opposes a proposed gay-inclusive civil unions bill in Colorado because the anus is weak.

Rosina Kovar was among the 27 people who testified in front of the Senate Judicial Committee considering the Senator Pat Steadman's bill, introduced on Valentine's Day.

Kovar, an “at-large-director” for the Missouri-based Eagle Forum, Phyllis Schlafly's socially conservative group, told lawmakers that she was testifying on behalf of “myself and my grandchildren.”

“I think we ought to be telling the truth about fornication and sodomy,” Kovar testified.

Borrowing heavily from the “ex-gay” group Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX) recommended book You're Teaching My Child What? by Dr. Miriam Grossman, Kovar railed against male gay sex.

“The anal lining is only one cell thick,” she said. “There is no lubrication, so tissue micro-tears are common, and access to the blood stream is easy.”

“The anus is an exit. It is not an entrance. Unlike the vagina, nature put a tight sphincter in the entrance of the anus. It's there for a reason – to keep out!”

Kovar added that recognizing gay couples with civil unions would force schools to teach gay sex.

“We will [inaudible] see what's happened in Massachusetts where they are teaching homosexuality starting in kindergarten.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

One Republican, Senator Ellen Collins, joined the committee's five Democrats in approving the bill.