REM frontman Michael Stipe says he's 80 percent gay, but don't call him bisexual.

“On a sliding scale of sexuality I'd place myself around 80-20, but I definitely prefer men to women,” the 51-year-old Stipe told UK daily The Guardian. “I had sex with, and enjoyed sex with, women until I met someone that I fell in love with, and who is now my boyfriend [NYC-based photographer Thomas Dozol].”

But Stipe would prefer you don't call him bisexual: “I hate and refuse to apply the term bisexual to myself. It doesn't seem appropriate. It feels like just another label.”

He added that growing up he wasn't “troubled” or “confused” by his sexuality.

“But I felt there just wasn't a place for me,” Stipe said. “For a time I was conflicted by how I was represented, and then AIDS came, and that's an era that has still to be spoken about in depth by people of my age. It was a very difficult time to be honest and frank about one's sexuality. And a very scary time for people like myself, who were not able to be tested anonymously without some concern. I mean, under Reagan, lest we forget, there was a time when they were talking about internment camps for people who were HIV positive. To this day I can't give blood to the Red Cross because I have sex with a man.”

REM releases its 15th studio album Collapse Into Now on Tuesday.