Trevor Donovan's gay character on the CW's 90210 is preparing for romance with his new beau, played by Freddie Smith.

Donovan, who plays all-American jock Teddy Montgomery on the nighttime teenage drama, recently talked to TV Guide Magazine on where his character's love life is headed this season.

“Teddy has some revelations and such,” Donovan said. “He used to be such a womanizer and player and he starts to carry that over into this gay life.”

Teddy recently met Marco, played by Smith, but according to Donovan their romance will be slow to take off.

“[Teddy] realizes that he doesn't know what he wants anymore, so he finds himself in a nice stable relationship, a nice, slow, progressive relationship that goes into the end of the season. So there is a rift, a realization, and then a rendezvous,” he added.

Teddy's coming out storyline began early in the third season. In an early episode, we see Teddy throwing-up the morning after he had a date with former boyfriend Ian, played by Canadian pop singer Kyle Riabko.