A screening of Director Bruce LaBruce's gay zombie flick L.A. Zombie, starring French gay porn icon Francois Sagat, has resulted in a fine, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Richard Wolstencroft has been ordered to pay $750 (Australian) for screening the film at last year's Melbourne Underground Film Festival, of which he is director.

Wolstencroft decided to screen the film after the Australian government's classification board banned the Melbourne International Film Festival from showing the film.

The proceeds from the fine will go to the Royal Children's Hospital. Wolstencroft faced up to 2 years imprisonment or a $28,668 fine.

Sagat, who can be seen under the same name in numerous Titan Media titles, stars in L.A. Zombie as a schizophrenic gay zombie who believes he can bring the dead back to life by having sex with them. The versatile actor also appears in Director Christophe Honore's Man at Bath, in which he plays a gay hustler.

LaBruce's work has faced censorship in the past, including his 1996 film Hustler White, which features Madonna's then-boyfriend Tony Ward as a male prostitute and a controversial amputee sex scene.