New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is keeping quiet on the Vatican's position that he should be barred from receiving communion.

Cuomo, who is at odds with his Roman Catholic religion for supporting gay marriage, abortion rights and living with his girlfriend, Food Network star Sandra Lee, received communion from Bishop Howard Hubbard at an Albany church the day after he was inaugurated.

Edward Peters, a consultant to the Vatican's highest court, criticized Hubbard for “failing” to engage the divorced governor in “pastoral care.”

Peters told a conservative website this week that Cuomo's taking communion is “objectively sacrilegious … produces grave scandal,” because of his unmarried lifestyle. Peters added that “if he approaches for Holy Communion, he should be denied the sacrament.”

When asked about the remarks, Cuomo sidestepped the controversy.

“My religion is a private matter and I believe most people's is,” he told reporters on Wednesday. “If they choose to keep their religion private they can. For me I choose to keep my religious practices private and not discuss it in the political arena.”