Argentine singer-actor Pablo Maxiliano Miguel Coronel Vidoz, known as Pablito Ruiz and, later, Pablo Ruiz, has announced he's engaged to marry his boyfriend.

Ruiz admitted to the relationship after tabloids published photos of the pair.

In several interviews, Ruiz confirmed that he's in love with Emiliano Terrazzino, an 18-year-old Argentine model.

“We are committed and we plan to get married in a few months,” he told Viviana Canosa, host of the Argentine talk show Viviana.

Ruiz added that he met his boyfriend on Facebook.

As a teenager, Ruiz gained fame singing Oh Mama, Ella me ha Besado (Oh Mama, She Kissed Me). (A video clip of a young Ruiz singing is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

The 35-year-old former teen idol created a scandal shortly after Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin announced he was gay last March. In a televised interview with Canosa, Ruiz said he had kissed Martin at a party in Mexico when he was 17. Martin was working in Mexico on the TV show Munecos de Papel (Paper Dolls) at the time.

“I'm going to confess something big,” Ruiz told his host. “I kissed Ricky Martin several times. … I was 17, I still had not had sex with a man. He [Martin] was 22 or 23.”

Various media outlets chided Ruiz for attempting to ride Martin's coattails.

Media outlets are reporting Ruiz's engagement as a coming out gay story, despite last year's revelation.