A majority of Rhode Island voters support gay marriage, a new poll found.

The survey, released Tuesday by Public Policy Polling, found 50 percent of voters in Rhode Island believe gay marriage should be legal, while 41 percent believe it should be illegal, and 9 percent don't have an opinion.

The issue in Rhode Island breaks down political and generational lines.

Forty-eight percentage of voters over the age of 65 oppose the institution, while 62 percent of young voters (under 30) support it.

“It's not going to be too long before the simple aging of the US population produces a lasting pro-gay marriage majority,” Tom Jensen of Public Policy Polling wrote. “The people who are opposed to it are gradually dying out and being replaced in the electorate by voters who are perfectly comfortable with it.”

Democrats surveyed are strongly in favor (65%) of legalizing gay marriage, while 73 percent of Republicans oppose it, and independents are nearly split in half with 47 percent in support and 45 against.

Lawmakers in Providence, with the support of independent Governor Lincoln Chafee, are considering a gay marriage bill.

“If Rhode Island legislators want to stay on the right side of public opinion they'll pass the bill,” Jensen added.

The poll surveyed 544 Rhode Island voters from February 16 to 22.