The gay characters played by Justin Timberlake and Jason Sudeikis married on Sunday's episode of The Cleveland Show.

Producers of the Fox animated series tackled gay marriage in the episode titled Terry Unmarried.

In the episode, the gang celebrates Cleveland's being single because his wife Donna's divorce was never legally finalized. They run into co-worker Terry Kimple (voiced by Sudeikis) kissing another man, Paul (Timberlake), at a gay bar.

Cleveland and Donna join Terry and Paul in tying the knot in Vermont, but not before Cleveland tackles his feeling on his friend's sexuality.

“You know what bugs me about this whole thing,” Cleveland tells Terry and Paul, “neither of you seems gay. Gays should make their gayness obvious to everyone. Like Paul Lynde or Adam Lambert or every conservative politician ever.”

In an interview with gay glossy The Advocate, Sudeikis, a Saturday Night Live regular, said he's thrilled to be working with Timberlake.

“I saw him [Timberlake] at SNL when he came for the first episode of this season, and we hadn't seen each other since we had recorded that episode, so I was like, 'Hey my gay boyfriend!' Then we shared a tender embrace. When I first heard they were getting Timberlake to play Terry's love interest, I was like, 'Perfect! Terry should be so lucky.'”

Sudeikis added that his character's sexuality “won't dominate the storylines.”

“It's almost like when Ellen came out in The Puppy Episode, but then it became something that was just part of the character,” he said.