Sweet Caramelita (at Whole Foods) New Hampshire rocks-in the New Year with same-sex civil unions!   Also, New Hampshire inns prepare for the coveted gay tourist dollar.

I'm going to come up behind you as you wait in line at Starbucks and pay for your fancy-schmancy drink (double cream?) or scald your face with hot steamed milk.  Keep reading to find out which.

Madonna and Britney Spears kissed during MTV's Music Video Awards in 2003, two decidedly straight women.  Is it possible Christine Quinn is hoping lightning will strike twice as she campaigns with Hillary in New Hampshire?

Mike Huckabee wins from behind in Iowa on a shoestring budget.  I need a laxative.

New Year's eve found me at Double Trouble rocking back a bubble gum martini.  Suddenly, the packed dance floor parted, on the opposite end Vinnie DeAngelo stood, immediately our eyes locked-in on each other.  Vinnie DeAngelo made his way to me while Dick Clark was slurring, "...4, 3, 2..." overhead.  "Happy new year," Vinnie DeAngelo said as he slid his strong hands under my shirt finding his way to the small of my back, pulled me in steady and tight, and slipped his...  I wake up in a cold sweat.

Dear reader, I humbly ask you to forgive me for the preceding paragraph of crap.  Trust me, I'm done with the pills and the pruno and back on the straight; it was a simple New Year folly.  Right Lindsay?

Gay marriage became law in Spain in 2005, ever since the Catholic church has vocally opposed the law.  This week thousands protested gay marriage in Madrid.   But the Socialist government countered back defending the law.

The Gay Slant regrets failing to bring this Rupert Everett interview to your attention in our Best of 2007 issue.  He likens Hollywood to Al-Qaeda!

Jason Horowitz of the New York Observer brings us some comic Hillary Clinton bloopers.   And Dear Margo of Creatives.com sets a man straight.

Do you own a 24-hour wicker stand in need of some queer-eye makeover?  Carson Kressley KRESSLEYKRESSLEYwould kill me for revealing this hip tip, but the fastest, easiest, and swankiest way to turn that stand from drab to lollipop would be to visit our new marketing page, download the On Top Magazine promotional flyer, print out about 1000 copies in color, and paper mache (mix one part flour with about 2 parts of water until you get a consistancy like thick glue) 'em two feet deep over those wicker walls.  Now you're switched-on, baby!

Click here to see a picture of Cher in the middle of the street -- naked!

Chuck writes on last week's The Gay Slant, "You conveniently failed to make Vinnie DeAngelo an active link.  Who is this dude, some sort of porn star?"  In one word: Yes!

The only company in North America whose name properly identifies the quality of its products: Lush.

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