A flashmob in support of gay marriage descended on the Iowa Statehouse on Monday.

The mob danced to All You Need Is Love by the Beatles in the Statehouse rotunda and the cafeteria on Valentine's Day before dispersing.

Nearly two weeks ago the Republican-controlled Iowa House approved a bill that seeks to repeal gay marriage in the state by placing an amendment in the Iowa Constitution that bans any form of legal recognition of gay and lesbian couples, including marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships.

Lawmakers overwhelmingly voted in favor of the resolution despite the pleas of 19-year-old Zach Wahls, who said his family of two moms was no different than any other.

“This is just a group of Iowans coming out today, trying to spread the message for love of everyone and in support of gay marriage here in Iowa,” Sonia Ashe, who helped organize the mob, told Radio Iowa.

“We are mothers, sisters, brothers, lovers,” Heather Davis added. “We have schoolchildren and their moms here and businessmen.”

Participants said they wanted to deliver a message of love on Valentine's Day.