In interviewing Maryland Lt. Governor Anthony Brown on the chances that Maryland would become the sixth state to legalize gay marriage, MSNBC host Thomas Roberts said he's looking forward to marrying in the state.

Maryland lawmakers have begun debate on whether to legalize the institution. The state already recognizes the legal marriages of gay and lesbian couples.

Brown told Roberts that he believed the legislation would be approved and sent to Democratic Governor Martin O'Malley for his signature by the end of the 2011 session in April.

“I think this is a real historic moment for Maryland and an important moment for the country,” he said. “Maryland is poised to be the sixth state to approve marriage – extend marriage equality – to same-gender couples,” said Brown. “The governor has stated on a number of occasions that if the General Assembly sends him a bill to the second floor, he's going to sign it.”

“I think it's real likely that bill is going to make it to the second floor,” Brown said.

Brown added that he fully supports the effort to legalize gay marriage.

“I say that what we ought to be doing is looking at ways to strengthen families, to build families, and when two individuals regardless of their gender, and whether its a same-gender or opposite-gender union, when they want to come together in the union of marriage and raise children and to care for those children, love those children, give those children everything they have, we ought to be supporting that. And I think that's what this bill does.”

In concluding the segment, Roberts told his guest: “I grew up in Baltimore. I was just home to visit my family. I've been giving wedding gifts for years to all my friends. It would be nice to think I can finally get some.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)