On Friday, two men became the first gay couple to get hitched in the small town of Ramallo, Argentina in Buenos Aires province.

According to Ramallo Ciudad y su Region, Raul Saavedra and Ruben Rios are the first gay couple to marry in the small town, population 11,000.

The couple met more than 3 years ago and held a commitment ceremony in 2009.

Argentina became the first Latin American country to legalize gay marriage last year.

“What has changed is the legal, we've been together a long time and the only thing left was to tie the knot. It's really a pleasure to have this right, today I feel it's worth voting, I feel that from now on we will be considered citizens like any heterosexual marriage,” Raul told the paper.

Argentina's gay marriage law gives gay and lesbian couples all the rights and responsibilities of marriage, including adoption. A gay marriage law also approved last year in Portugal does not include the right to adopt.

More than 1,300 gay couples in Argentina have married in the six months since the law took effect.