Former Pennsylvania Senator and 2012 presidential hopeful Rick Santorum told a crowd attending the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in D.C. that the judiciary “has no right to redefine marriage.”

The 52-year-old opponent of gay rights, including marriage, spoke on Thursday.

“You talk about the tyranny of what's going on in the last couple of years with ObamaCare and the Dodd Frank bill and TARP and all of this government control of our lives. And government telling us what to do. Taking freedom away from us,” Santorum said.

“Well, if you lived in the trenches of the social conservative movement you've seen this in America. You saw it in the issue of life. When a group of judges decided, 'Well, we're just smart enough and we're going to take that decision away from you. We're going to take that power away from you to make that decision.'”

“Or on the issue now recently of marriage. That they are going to take that power away.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, the judiciary cannot create life and it did not create marriage. And it has no right to redefine either one of them.”

In an earlier interview with CNN News editor-in-chief Terry Jeffrey, the former lawmaker said opposition to gay rights is “common sense.”