A television call-in program in Spain has been axed after its host railed against gay marriage. Spain legalized the institution in 2005.

Cuca Garcia de Vinuesa's late night program La Noche de Cuca (Cuca's Night) was pink slipped soon after a caller told her he was marrying his boyfriend of 7 years.

Garcia de Vinuesa is at first thrilled to hear that Alberto is marrying in April, but when he tells her he's marrying his boyfriend, the host suggests the marriage is a sham.

“What a joy!” she says at the news. “It's a good night.”

When he adds that he's marrying a man, she responds, “Well, I hope you're happy.”

“Thank, you Cuca, could you play a song for us?” Alberto asks.

“Well, you can ask me on another day, agreed?” Garcia de Vinuesa responds.

Alberto agrees, but before the call ends, Garcia de Vinuesa suggests the marriage is a sham.

“I hope that you take life seriously. That's the only thing I want to tell you. Big kisses,” she says.

“Of course ...” Alberto begins, but Garcia de Vinuesa interrupts: “I hope that you take life and people – and people – seriously. That you take life and people seriously. Let's hear some music.”

After Alberto's call, Garcia de Vinuesa tells her audience how she really feels.

“Well, I guess it was something serious, I don't know,” she says. “If it was a joke, it was a joke.”

“I believe in marriage between a man and a woman,” she adds. “This kid is saying it's a marriage and he's going to get married. I suspect they believe that's a marriage.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

In an interview on Monday, Garcia de Vinuesa denied she offended anyone.

“I did not offend any homosexual, at any time [during the show's run], I simply said that for me a Christian marriage is between a man and a woman.”

She added that the network's decision to end the program was due to “business reasons”