Singer and American Idol alum Clay Aiken said in a new interview that being open about his sexuality hasn't affected his life.

The 32-year-old singer-actor came out gay in a 2008 People magazine cover story after years of denying rampant speculation about his sexuality.

In 2006, the told People, “It doesn't matter what I say. People are going to believe what they want.”

Today, the North Carolinian denies he ever concealed his sexuality.

“There was this misconception that I was not out,” he told gay weekly The Georgia Voice. “I was in 'Spamalot' and everyone knew, but I don't necessarily want to sit at a table with strangers and tell them. When you come out, you do it with people you are comfortable with.”

Aiken, who released his fifth studio album Tried and True last June, became a father in 2008 with the birth of his son Parker.

“It's changed my life; it changes everything,” he said.

But being openly gay, Aiken added, hasn't affect him much.

“I definitely do see the liberation and understand the rationalization of people wanting me to be out,” he said. “On the other hand, I wouldn't say that coming out has made me happier because that implies I was not happy before and I was.”