The Washington Post on Wednesday reported: “The candidate – the man behind the wheel, the man who can't find his lane – is a guy named Fred. He's exploring the possibility of running for president of the United States. … He's an openly gay Republican … Fred Karger, 61, is a nice guy.”

A few days earlier – while on a different subject – Karger told On Top Magazine that he was in New Hampshire, where he was being tailed by a Post reporter.

Karger is a nice guy, we can vouch for that.

And the Post does a good job in their profile: Gay marriage activist, GOP consultant, late bloomer.

Karger is unlike most gay Republicans appearing on cable talk shows. He hasn't thrown gay rights overboard in a futile attempt to win over social conservatives. He doesn't attempt to minimize the damage of gay rights foes. He won't argue that the GOP is welcoming to gays. He's just there: gay and proud and ready to fight.

He's the real deal. If anyone can change hearts and minds from within – and not sell his gay soul in the process – it's Fred Karger.

“I want to be a messenger for my community within the public discussion,” Karger told the paper. “I may ask every Republican looking at running to go have lunch, to meet and chat. If I can make headway with someone running for president, and be perceived as 'just another guy,' I think I would've accomplished something.”

“The Republican Party has gotta be tweaked,” Kevin Healy, a friend of Karger's, said in Portsmouth. “They need to focus on issues, not ideology. … [Fred is] kind of an equivalent to a Mama Grizzly. He's a Grizzly Gay.”